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Tax Resources

CFATE partners with MyTaxRights to spread awareness about beneficial tax incentives and free tax preparation services. Below is a list of informative resources that will surely help you in the quest to understand your basic tax rights and responsibilities.

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Free Online Tax Resource is a free educational resource designed exclusively for the average taxpayer. No confusing tax terms or lingo. Find answers to common tax questions in plain-English while learning more about your federal tax rights and responsibilities.

Tax Tools & Quick Links

Need to quickly check on the status of your tax refund? Or access your IRS account information or prior year's tax return? Maybe you need to locate free tax assistances services near you? Find these and other tax resources in one convenient place at

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Free File Program

Did you make $79,000 or less in 2023? If so, you are eligible for free tax preparation services under the IRS Free File program. It's easy, safe, convenient, and FREE!  Learn more about this underutilized program at

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